Dallas Love Bugs Tshirts Are Here!

Be A Billboard!
February 9, 2024
Big Ideas
Stephanie M. Casey

Dallas Love Bugs Messaging Tshirts are Here!! DLB Tees reflect our 3 Pillars Focus.

Dark heather blue tshirt shirt with white text reading "Spay/Neuter, K? Dallas Love Bugs"

Spay and Neuter Tshirt

We cannot adopt, foster, or rescue our way out of the dog overpopulation crisis! It is essential we curb the population by preventing unexpected and unwanted litters and get breeding numbers under control. Be a billboard promoting spay and neuter by wearing your spay / neuter tee shirt out and about in the world! Do you need more information on why it is important to spay & neuter dogs and cats? Are you wondering if it is good to spay or neuter your dog or cat? Read about Spay & Neuter here!

Cream shirt with dark blue text reading "Support Shelter Pups Yo, Dallas Love Bugs"

Support Shelter Pups Tshirt

Municipal shelters and the pets there are often misunderstood and vilified. Learn the difference between a "No Kill" private rescue and a "Kill" municipal shelter. No one wants to be in a position to euthanize healthy, adoptable dogs. Dogs in shelters are not broken or damaged - they are just in between homes! We need to support shelter dogs, shelter workers, and everyone who helps them! Show your support with a DLB "Support Shelter Pups Yo" tee!

Heather Grey shirt with white text reading "3 3 3, Dallas Love Bugs"

3/3/3 Rule Tshirt

Let's keep dogs in homes! The 333 rule for dogs is a guide to acclimating a new dog into a home successfully. The 3/3/3 Method of slow, controlled dog introductions and decompression allows for an adjustment and learning period for both dogs and humans. We too often see humans which misunderstand dogs and their needs who put them the dog sinto uncomfortable scenarios for them which results in return from adoption or foster. Learn all about the 333 Rule, proudly wear your Dallas Love Bugs 333 tee, and when people ask, "What does 333 mean?" - you can spread the good word!

Hit the Dallas Love Bugs shop to Be A Billboard for these important educational points which will help change our dog culture to fix our dog overpopulation crisis. Welcome to the DLB Gang!