Should You Spay & Neuter Your Dog (and cats)?

We must work to curb the production of dogs and cats!
May 10, 2023
Dog Wellness
Stephanie M. Casey

Spay & Neuter... is it the best choice for your pets? My goodness... YES. We euthanize an average of a million dogs and cats in the United States, every year.

We have a crisis of overpopulation.

- SPAY/NEUTER is the law in dallas All pets over the age of 6 months must be sterilized

- "MY VET/FRIEND/WIFE/THE INTERNET SAY IT IT DAMAGES THEIR HEALTH" For every one of these opinions/data points, you can find the opposite opinion/data point. The chance of harm is low and there are many healthy benefits to early sterilization. But the most important benefit, the most VITAL one is... we need to curb the production of dogs and cats. By about a million a year.

- I THINK MY PET IS OWED THE WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE OF BREEDING This is anthropomorphism i.e. attaching human thinking to a non-human thing. Dogs do not dream of birthing offspring to look forward to sitting on their porch with grandkids on their lap. Cats do not long to have litters of kittens they must care for, for months, then be separated from (with no adverse emotional, physical, or mental effects, by the way).

Please spay and neuter your pets. As soon as you can. It is generally okay to spay and neuter puppies and kittens around 8 weeks of age when they hit a healthy, target weight.