The 3/3/3 Rule

This works, if you do the work!
May 25, 2023

I did not invent the 3/3/3 Rule aka the dog slow, controlled introductions 3/3/3 guide... but I did modify it! My chart below includes specific, introductive behavior (dog and human) techniques. Following the below method has never failed in my home, for successful integration of a foster animal.

The same slow, controlled introduction technique applies to bringing a newly adopted pet home, as well. Or purchased, if you went that route (please don't!).

Personally, I wait until day 5 to allow for play. Sometimes I will cheat and allow a play teaser on evening 4, after our evening walk.

Failure to do this upfront work can result in poor acclimation for a new animal resulting in abandonment, surrender, or the very worst... abuse. This is hard work - it can be stressful. The first few days WILL be challenging.

But putting in very brief upfront time and energy can lead to a lifetime of peaceful pet ownership. It pays off and it is up to the human to set the stage.

This works, if you do the work!


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You may use this graphic however you like to get in the faces of anyone and everyone bringing a new dog into their home!

The content on this website is based on personal experience and researched information. Please note no one here is a professional vet, trainer, or behaviorist. Always consult your vet and trainer about what is best for your dog or cat and their mental & physical health!

3 Days, 3 Weeks, 3 Months
3 Days, 3 Weeks, 3 Months

The 3/3/3 Rule is a general guideline - all dogs are different. Some dogs will hit the "3-month" milestone in a few weeks, others will take a year. In general, the 3/3/3 Dog Introduction notion is... 3 days to not be scared, 3 weeks to feel safe, 3 months to be relaxed and themselves.