How To Adopt A Dallas Animal Services Dog From Out of State

Fallen in Love? Furry Love... From Afar?
July 11, 2023
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Stephanie M. Casey

Have you found yourself drawn to a particular Dallas Animal Services (DAS) dog, even though you live miles away in a different state? Adopting a shelter dog from afar is entirely possible and you are not only saving the dog you adopt but freeing up shelter kennel space for another dog in need at the overcrowded shelter. Everybody wins!

Please note this website is not affiliated with or run by Dallas Animal Services. I am an active volunteer and foster with DAS and posting this information as a helpful assist with the common ask of, "how to adopt from out of state!?" DAS management provided and reviewed the below listed process steps but they may change, at any time (I will try to keep this updated, should the rules or process change!).

Issues to consider before committing to adopting a dog from another state include:

  1. BEHAVIORAL CHALLENGES What is your plan if your dog (and you) needs training?
  2. ILLNESS Sometimes dogs will develop kennel cough after leaving a shelter environment or have caught something prior to leaving and symptoms don’t show up until days later when they arrive - are you prepared to deal with this potential?
  3. NOT A FIT What is your plan if your new dog ends up not being a good fit for your household?

As with bringing any new animal into your home, it is imperative to follow the 3/3/3 Rule of slow, controlled acclimation and introduction. This sets the dog and the people up for success!

Completing a remote adoption takes serious commitment, quick, high-level effort, and expense on your behalf.

But when you fall in love… you fall in love. So, let’s break down how to adopt a dog from Dallas Animal Services from another state!

Navigating the Remote Dallas Animal Services Adoption Process

  1. EMAIL and put the dog’s ID number, name, and adoption interest as the subject (ex: Fluffy A1234567 Adoption Request), include your phone number and when you can be reached. If animal is urgent with a euthanasia deadline, include “Urgent” in email subject.
  2. PHONE CONNECTION DAS staff will reach out to discuss the adoption and, if you wish to proceed, finalize your adoption over the phone (you will need to email DAS a photo of your ID).
  3. DOG PICK UP REQUIREMENT Your adopted dog must be picked up from the shelter within 24 hours of finalized adoption or sterilization (if dog is not yet spayed/neutered).

All dogs leave the shelter sterilized, up to date on vaccinations, and current on monthly preventatives.

How To Get Your DAS-Adopted Dog To You

Some people drive or fly (then rent a car to drive back) to pick up their new pet. Others hire transport services. A couple of services which have been used to transport DAS dogs are listed below - these have positive experience reports from adopters, volunteers, and fosters. Dallas Love Bugs does not officially endorse any transport company and bears no responsibility - that lies completely with the transporting adopter.

It is important you do research on any transporters, even for the below companies - read reviews, verify business legitimacy, that transporters will check in with you during the journey, etc. Some fosters put an airtag on the pet's collar to closely follow their journey and have additional tracking potential should the dog get loose during transport. Fees will vary based on distance, amount of dogs being transported, etc. You want to ensure the dog's safety and comfort during their journey from the shelter to your home.

  2. K9 RIDES

Settling In and Beyond

Once your adopted dog arrives in your home state, there will be a process of acclimating them to their new environment, establishing routines, and addressing any initial adjustment issues. Again - heed the 3/3/3 Rule for successful, slow introductions.

Your dog will need monthly heartworm and flea and tick preventative as well as scheduled check ups and vaccinations.

Thank you for considering adopting from a state (Texas, hi) with an extreme overpopulation crisis. The distance may be daunting, but the rewards of giving a shelter dog a second chance at happiness are immeasurable.

You are helping to make a difference, one love bug at a time.
You are helping to make a difference, one love bug at a time.

Love knows no borders!