What are Dog Heartworms?

protect your dog from heartworms with a monthly preventative
May 10, 2023
Dog Wellness
Stephanie M. Casey

Dogs develop heartworms from a mosquito bite. You can protect them with a monthly preventative. Once a dog develops heartworms, they must go through a months-long treatment to eradicate the worms from their system. The treatment involves shoring up the body with antibiotics, then a powerful injection to kill the parasites, followed by low activity while the parasite releases from the organs and flushes from the dog's system. Failure to treat heartworm will ultimately result in strangled organs and death.

Give your dog(s) a monthly heartworm preventative! Especially if you live in a state where mosquitoes are prevalent!

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It only takes one mosquito bite!
It only takes one mosquito bite!

You have the power to prevent heartworm - a monthly preventative protects your dog from this deadly parasite.