Dog 101 Basics

All dog owners should be equipped with these basics, at the very least!
May 9, 2023
Dog Wellness
Stephanie M. Casey

Starter Dog Basics. This is the most basic of information that everyone with a dog in their home should know! Please feel free to use these graphics, anywhere. Only when humans are more informed about meeting basic dog needs will we start to curb surrenders and returns.

  1. DOGS WILL BE WORK just like kids - you must learn things and adjust your life for them to be successful
  2. YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE you have an obligation to a living beast, now!
  3. FREE EXERCISE the bonus of walking and playing with your dog? you are getting exercise, too!
  4. COMPANIONSHIP dogs are smart, social beings and will become part of your family
  5. LOVE dogs come with free love with a side of unconditional love

Download full-size JPGs and PDFs of the below graphics HERE.

Please feel free to use these flyers digitally or printed, as you like, to spread the good word!

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