How To Get A Dog Into A Dog Rescue

What rescues can take dogs in Dallas?
February 28, 2024
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Stephanie M. Casey

Are you wondering how to get a dog into a dog rescue?

In this article, we are going to find out how a dog rescue can take in a dog, how many dogs a dog rescue can take, and how to get a dog into a dog rescue.

We'll hear from the experts - those who have founded and run Dallas Dog Rescues!

The best way to help a dog get into a dog rescue is to go about it, thoughtfully...

Do your research to find an appropriate rescue, contact them via their website with complete information and any notes, photos, and information you have. If you approach with a foster and/or funding support lined up that will greatly increase the possibility that a rescue can help.

What types of dogs do dog rescues take?

All kinds! You can find a rescue for almost any type or breed. Some dog rescues only take certain breeds or conditions of dogs.

It is important to research and only approach rescues who take the type of dogs which match the dog you are trying to find placement for.

"The Love Pit focuses solely on bully breeds". - AFTEN BELL, Founder, The Love Pit
"Most of the dogs we tag are medium to large dogs, and we do take shy dogs and dogs that need to work on socialization skills, and we do take sick dogs, if the situation with a foster is right." - LISA FAULKNER DUNNE, President, The Dawg Project

How do you get a dog into a dog rescue?

Most animal rescues are foster based meaning that they can only take a dog when there is a foster home to house and care for the dog (VS the dog rescue having their own brick & mortar building where they may house dogs in an ongoing and indefinite manner).

Funding is also needed, of course. Some dog rescues are well-funded via steady donors while others run on shoestrings and love (i.e. volunteer labor and low-to-no donation support).

"We take in all breeds of dogs when 1) we have a long term foster that is the match for the dog,  2) if we think the dog will be adoptable, and 3) if we have the funds to handle any medical needs the dog might have." - LISA FAULKNER DUNNE
"Our rescue is able to take a new dog if we have a willing foster home and if we have the funds to cover the dog’s needs." - GERRI HOLLEY, President, Myranda's Mended Souls
"Dallas DogRRR steps forward to rescue and provide sanctuary for dogs when we have the essential pieces in place: a committed, long-term foster ready to open their home and the necessary funding to cover health and rehabilitation needs." - PATTI DAWSON, Founder, Dallas DogRRR
Our medical/behavior bills sometimes outweigh how many donations we bring in. We constantly have to fundraise a lot and that takes up a lot of time. - ADRI ROBLES, Happy Hearts Dog Rescue
"We carefully consider factors like capacity, financials, foster availability, and dog health and behavior when rescuing new dogs." - AFTEN BELL
"When we know more about a dog, through shelter volunteers and posts, it is incredibly helpful in finding fosters." - LISA FAULKNER DUNNE

What does it mean when a rescue "tags" a dog at an animal shelter?

To tag a shelter dog means a rescue assumes ownership of the animal and takes on the responsibility to care for the animal in all ways and, ultimately, help them find an adoptive home.

How many dogs can a dog rescue take?

This is entirely dependent on their available resources which will fluctuate. In the southern USA, just like municipal animal shelters, dog rescues are usually at capacity but all of them help as many dogs as they are able.

"I have learned my max number of dogs and will close intake if we hit our cap" -ADRI ROBLES
"While our hearts are big, our capacity to rescue effectively is determined by the support we receive from our community and the availability of fosters and funds. This strategic approach allows us to make a lasting impact on the lives of the dogs we rescue, one life at a time." -PATTI DAWSON
"We are a smaller group and completely dependent on foster homes, volunteers, and donations." -GERRI HOLLEY
"Our operational capacity is intentionally kept at around 50 dogs to avoid overwhelming our volunteer teams and to ensure exceptional care for all our dogs, along with providing adequate support for our fosters." - AFTEN BELL

Is it better to adopt a dog from a rescue or a shelter?

This is a question I get all the time and the answer is... either, any, all! Rescues pull dogs from shelters or take them directly from the streets, avoiding a shelter kennel being filled up. The city shelter and rescue community is closely intertwined and collaborative. Supporting dog rescues is supporting shelter dogs.

If you feel inspired by the hard work of these rescues, how about popping to each one of their websites and dropping them $5bones in appreciation of their efforts?! And they all are always in need of fosters and volunteers!

The Love Pit
Dallas DogRRR
The Dawg Project
Myranda's Mended Souls
Happy Hearts Dog Rescue

Thank you to the leaders of these rescues for participating in this content!

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How Do You Get A Dog Into A Dog Rescue?
How Do You Get A Dog Into A Dog Rescue?

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