Summer Heat and Dogs

Advocate for your dog, this summer!
May 30, 2023
Dog Wellness
Stephanie M. Casey

If you follow vet social media accounts, you know how much they dread (and warn against!) having dogs out for activity during the heat of summer days.

Overheated dogs and burnt paws are a major issue during the hot months.

If a dog is panting with their tongue hanging out the side of their mouth or stopping / lying down during a walk... this is your early sign to immediately help your dog cool down by ceasing activity, right away. If the dog's overheating condition moves on to heat stroke - this is deadly and irreversible.

Advocate for your dog by not putting them in dangerous scenarios during the summer months!

  1. LEAVE IN CAR? Never!
  3. WALKS... Brief and early / late in day
  4. SHADE? Yes, please!
  5. AC INSIDE... Bring 'em in!

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The Dog Days of Summer...
The Dog Days of Summer...

Protect your dog during the hot months by not putting them in vulnerable situations.