The Fate of Humanity x Dog Compassion

Can dogs save the world?
May 26, 2023
Big Ideas
Stephanie M. Casey

This is a big topic. I am going to brush over the idea in this article. We'll investigate this topic, more, as time goes on...

It is well researched with robust data proving that those who mistreat and abuse animals take that anger and violence to people (and, often, themselves), as well.

In America, we are regularly conditioned that kindness and compassion is "wussy," weak, and a failing in character. Women are "allowed" to be nurturers in certain ways but from the time men are small boys they are taught that gentleness and empathy is not correct "male" behavior.

Children, especially boys, are encouraged to bury their emotions and caretaking tendencies. Dogs have methods to deal with their stress - they shake their full bodies, pant, do zoomies... humans relieve stress by crying, exercising, making art, talking with others.

When we ask humans to avoid their stress relievers then stress, anger, and frustration build up and can explode in a destructive manner.

Successful dog companionship requires learning a mostly-silent, physical language of empathy and calm coexistence. Healthy dog ownership offers regular physical exercise for the human to stay healthy, alongside their dog. Caring dog companionship includes loving touch (just petting a dog brings down cortisol levels in a human). Responsible dog ownership allows for continued cultivation of calm, patience, and learned skills for peaceful relationship.

Can improving our dog culture improve our human culture?

Might it help us appreciate the beauty and nuances in the steady pace of day-to-day life? Maybe it could help us understand and respect nature more... respect each other more? Could it help us move away from a culture of violence, competition, and hate and more towards one of harmony, support, and kindness?

Again, this is a big topic. I wanted to have a tidbit of this idea live for this new website launch.

I will be looking to get into this notion, in a major way, as DLB grows. Let's keep this conversation open. <3

Perhaps there is a better way...
Perhaps there is a better way...

... and perhaps dogs can show us that way?