Dog Mom? Preparing For Your First (human) Baby…

Can You Keep Your Dog If You Are Having A Baby?
November 29, 2023
Dog Wellness
Aileen Cronin

It is important to understand things are about to change. But that doesn’t mean your dog no longer fits into the family!

You are about to face unknowns which challenge your emotions, time, and resources. I’m here to let you know, through my own experience and expertise as a dog trainer/behaviorist, that you can do it and it IS possible to remain faithful to your furry family member(s) when bringing your first baby home! Your dog(s) ideal home is with you, their family.

Here are some steps to prepare and help with what’s coming…

1. Agree on a Protocol

Have an agreement with your partner about what life with the family dog looks like, don’t leave anything out! Go over where the dog(s) will be for your labor and delivery and how they will be fulfilled the first 12 weeks. As you prepare to leave the newborn world behind and enter the infant/toddler stages you need to be in agreement about the rules of dinner time, family time, exercise, and all of the baby’s milestones.

2. Include Your Dog On Your Baby Registry

Include a gift card for your dog on your registry so you can have a few days of doggie daycare, dog walks, or other fulfillment for your pup when you (or they) need a break. You may also want to register for some dog training! I’m sure your dog loving friends would love having that as an option.

3. Ask For Help

If you are struggling with your dog’s behavior it may be time to bring in a trainer or get some outside help. If that is not an option, reach out to your friends and family to see if they can help with exercise and share some extra attention with your dog.

Are you adding more kids to your family and concerned it will be too much to keep your dog? Read Nurturing a Safe and Happy Home with Multiple Children and Dogs.

Aileen is the owner of Baby Pack Leader, focusing on creating safe environments for dogs + tots as they navigate a whole new world together. Aileen offers free online resources and courses to help owners navigate bringing home a baby, the tough toddler years, and the family dog.