Dallas Love Bugs content reaches 500k-2 million eyeballs, monthly, with high engagement and participation. Interested in marketing partnering?

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Individuals and Businesses May Directly Purchase Sponsor-tagged "A Day At the Shelter" and other smaller support on the DLB Shopify.

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How can I support the DLB movement?

Buy support items and swag. Spread the message. Share media. Adopt, Volunteer, and Foster. Educate your personal friends, family, neighbors - make change within your direct community.

What type of brands does DLB partner with?

DLB is happy to entertain partnership with any type of brand operating within similar ethics. Any type of business who would like to align with this movement as a paid partner on content, with or without product feature, may inquire.  

Dog Treats are a slam dunk partnership. I feature them in almost all my media including handouts, Kennel Love, and Treat 'Splosions. Ingredients/materials must be limited, natural, and healthy.

For animal toys and other animal products - the types of items I already use at the shelter and my home are the best fit. This includes stuffies, crinkles, and long chew engagement (such as buck bones or bully sticks). Additionally - something such as a cotton blanket to use as comfy bedding for a shelter dog would be wonderful (washes well, holds up through washes). Dog Cleaning Products which can be easily be used at the shelter such as waterless wipes and brushes would be great.

Non-Animal Related Businesses may partner to receive DLB demographic eyeballs on their brand - publicly aligning your values with the DLB cause.

DREAM PARTNERSHIP 1: Levi's. These are the jeans I wear while volunteering at the animal shelter - perfect weight, stretch, and varied pockets to hold the necessary items I must carry while working with the dogs. Have a similar, better jean? Holler!

DREAM PARTNERSHIP 2: Starbucks. Can we get "spay and neuter" and "3/3/3" on coffee cups or sleeves to start conversations? Are you a regional coffee brand who would be interested in this? Holler!

DREAM PARTNERSHIP 3: Whole Foods or HEB. Can we get "spay and neuter" on shopping bags? Can DLB messaging merch be sold on an end aisle here? Are you a regional store chain who would be interested in this? Holler!