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What is a "Reputable" Dog Breeder?

Is a Reputable Dog Breeder a thing? Is Breeding Ethical?

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There are a lot of dogs. Too many, in fact! Approximately ONE MILLION dogs and cats are euthanized EVERY YEAR in The United States!

A million.

So, why do we breed?

Legacy, Looks, Money, Status, Supposed Traits.

While I understand the dogs are "products" and people have a right to produce and purchase the exact type of products they want - it is hard for me to justify breeding, from any angle, other than working dogs (maybe).

And, even then... I'm not convinced that specific, existent mutts identified for their athleticism or stamina or intelligence could not be trained to do the same things purebreds are bred to do.

My thinking on "reputable breeders" or "ethical breeders" is that they are still promoting designer dogs only affordable to wealthier folks who then model their designer possessions (the dogs) creating demand.

So, the "reputable / ethical breeders" and those who purchase from them are breeding the backyard breeders.

Plus, keeping a female dog as a baby making slave to make money isn't cool.

P.S. It is the law in Dallas that pets be spayed and neutered so anyone doing "backyard breeding," without a license, is breaking the law. You may report them via 311.

P.P.S. Please please please do not think your dog or cat is owed the experience of making babies. We have enough babies, already. A million more than enough. <3


One Green Planet "Why Breeding Dogs is a Problem, Even if the Breeder is ‘Reputable'"

ASPCA "Position Statement on Criteria for Responsible Breeding"

MInimalist Vegan "3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Dog From a Breeder"

PETA "Why No One Should Ever Support a Dog Breeder"


The content on this website is based on personal experience and researched information. Please note no one here is a professional vet, trainer, or behaviorist. Always consult your vet and trainer about what is best for your dog or cat and their mental & physical health!

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