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Tips On How To Promote Your Foster Pet on Social Media

Cut out of a cute, smiling pit bull mix, head only, smiling with his tongue out. There is a black scribble design behind his head and a title, in black, "Tips On How To Promote Your Foster"

"The Goal Is Goodbye!"

We want our foster pets adopted to loving homes which are a perfect match for them!

Here are some tips on how I promote my fosters across various social media apps.

In the video below with tips on how to market your foster animal for adoption, I share my desktop screen and mobile phone screen to dive into apps such as Facebook and Instagram.

PS When I say "LinkedIn" in the video I MEAN "Nextdoor." Work brain!!

Here are some of the basics covered in the Dallas Love Bugs, "Tips On How To Promote Your Foster" video:

  • MARKET MARKET MARKET "Always Be Posting!"


  • POSTS, STORIES, REELS, GROUPS Use all the spaces.

  • UPDATE YOUR FOSTER'S PHOTOS and BIO on the Shelter/Rescue Website.

  • SMILES, HAPPY, FUN, AFFECTION, PLAYFULNESS Show off their good side!

  • POSITIVITY Always!

  • DIVERSITY Showing your foster with different types of people, in different types of spaces may help an adopter identify see them better in their particular life.

  • SHOW THEIR BEHAVIOR, PERSONALITY, & SKILLS Show Special Traits of Your Foster - Are they dog friendly? kid friendly? cat friendly? cuddly? playful? silly? know tricks? Capture this in video and photos. Share it!

  • TELL THEIR STORY Anything special about their background or story? Have they overcome something with you? Learned new tricks? Is this their third time at the shelter, through no fault of their own? Share it!

  • COMPREHENSIVE POSTS Include the various visual media as well as full details about them in your main posts. Stories, one-offs, Reels, etc you can do randoms but be sure to do some comprehensive posts for sharing, tagging, pointing people to.

  • MAKE IT EASY ON PEOPLE Add DIRECT link to animal's profile, don't just say "go to shelter website" or even only write "available at XYZ Shelter." Lead them all the way, specifically.

  • USE THE ID# WITH HASHTAG ON ALL POSTS If someone hits that hashtag, all (public) posts will sort - an interested party will see all same-tagged posts, at once.

  • MIX IT UP Do different kinds of posts. Keep sharing!

  • TAG YOUR SHELTER / RESCUE or anyone else who may readily share your posts

  • SEND MEDIA TO YOUR SHELTER or RESCUE to use in social media posts

  • "ADOPT ME" ACCESSORIES Bandana, Leash, or any other accessories - these are great to use when you take your foster out on the town, even if it is just a car ride! You never know... maybe that drive thru starbucks barista will notice your foster in the backseat and his accessories will signal he is available and a connection is made! Also cool to use these accessories in some of your photos.

  • ATTEND FOSTER EVENTS set Up By Your Rescue/Shelter To Showcase Fosters.

Don't get discouraged and keep promoting! Your foster's furever is out there... they just need the chance to see them!


BEST FRIENDS “10 creative ways to promote your foster pet"

MUDDY PAWS RESCUE “How to Market Your New Foster Dog For Adoption!


The content on this website is based on personal experience and researched information. Please note no one here is a professional vet, trainer, or behaviorist. Always consult your vet and trainer about what is best for your dog or cat and their mental & physical health!

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