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Protect Your Dog In Summer Heat!

A close up of a smiling blonde retriever type dog in a field with the sun setting behind them.

It is summer. It is hot.

Your dog is wearing a coat!

Looking for some "dogs in summer heat" information?

Do you live in Dallas, Texas or another hot summer spot?

You have come to the right place.

What do high temperatures, scorching sun, and summertime mean for dogs in the summer heat? It means we need to protect them from overheating, heatstroke, and burning paws!

What is the best time of day to walk your dog in the summer?

Early Morning.

Why should you walk your dog early in the morning in the summer?

This will be the coolest time of a summer day.

Evening walks are okay as long as you wait until the sun is going down or after dark. Keep in mind that in places like Texas, it can still be 95 degrees at sunset. This means the concrete and asphalt will still be quite hot and the air temperature may still overheat your dog, quickly.

During the summer in Dallas, dog walks should be kept brief and you should not overexert your dog.

Types of Dogs Which Are Most Vulnerable to Overheating:

  • Flat-Faced, Short-Muzzle Dog Breeds (pugs, boxers, french bulldogs, cavalier king charles spaniel, etc),

  • Longer-haired Dogs

  • Puppies

  • Overweight Dogs

  • Infirm, Sick Dogs and Those Going Through A Treatment

  • Older Dogs.

A vertical flyer with details about "Flat-Faced Breeds Summer Risk!" There is a white bull terrier type dog smiling alongside the information.

...But ALL DOGS will overheat quickly in hot summer temperatures.

Temperature Comparison Examples:

Air 77° —> Concrete 110° —> Asphalt 125°

Air 86° —> Concrete 120° —> Asphalt 135°

Air 95° —> Concrete 140° —> Asphalt 155°

Informational flyer "Hot Asphalt! Burning Paws" With Temperature comparisons Air VS Concrete VS Asphalt.

If the ground surface is too hot for you to stand on with your bare feet, it can burn your dog’s paws!

Heatstroke can happen quickly and is irreversible.

"Dog Heatstroke Is Irreversible" Flyer. A smiling Golden Retriever is Pictured.

Dog Heatstroke Trouble Signs:

  • Heavy Panting

  • Salivation

  • Stopping

  • Lying Down

If your dog is exhibiting these signs while on a walk or playing outside, it is important to act fast and get them cooling down: give them water (room temp, NEVER COLD), douse them with room temp water or use a wet towel (NOT COLD), move them to shade or air conditioning, provide a nearby fan to move the air around them - do not overwhelm them with wind blasting directly in their face.

Pushing your dog past the ability to self-cool is deadly.

If you are able to get them treatment, quickly, they may recover but it will be a slim chance, with high expense, ongoing treatment, and potentially lingering issues.

Let’s not let our dogs get to that point!

"The Dog Days of Summer" Informational vertical design flyer for social media share. A German Shepherd in a kiddie pool is pictured.

Basic Summer Tips For Keeping You Dog Safe From The Dallas, Texas Summer Heat:

  1. Leave in Car - NEVER!

  2. Water Available - ALWAYS!

  3. Outdoor Time - LIMITED!

  4. Walks - BRIEF!

  5. Shade - YES, PLEASE!

  6. AC Inside - BRING ‘EM IN!

"Advocate For Your Dog This Summer" Social Media Share Graphic with different breeds and sizes of dogs sitting under and umbrella.


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The content on this website is based on personal experience and researched information. Please note no one here is a professional vet, trainer, or behaviorist. Always consult your vet and trainer about what is best for your dog or cat and their mental & physical health!

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