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Is Dog Walking Good For Cellulite Reduction?

A woman and medium sized brown and white dog walking down a road flanked on either side by walls of sun flowers. The sky is blue in front of them and they are walking away from the camera.

Is Walking Your Dog Good Exercise?

Do Dog Walks Help get Your Dog Healthy?

This is an incredibly unscientific discovery. Based on data of 1 person - Me!

At the time of this writing, I am 46 1/2 years old and about 5 years ago, I noticed more cellulite appearing on my thighs and stomach.

Not that cellulite is bad or something we need to eradicate or combat - it was just something I noticed.

Age, I thought. Oh well!

Then I got my dog.

And I walked my dog.

Pretty much every single day, we walk. Sage and I usually walk between 1-3 miles a day over one or two walks.

When I initially adopted Sage - that first year (pre-pandemic), I would take her to my office with me and it was important she was exercised before then so she would nap most of the day.

We walked, we leash trained. I bought more jogging shorts. Acquired a fanny pack.

We walk.

And then I noticed that cellulite visibility had backed off. In all areas.

My completely uneducated-on-human-anatomy-and-skin theory is the steady, concentrated walking simply keeps your muscles somewhat taut and tight. Probably sitting against the skin, firmly, so the skin’s appearance is smoother.

Beyond that - exercise is essential for your dog. ESSENTIAL. If you are not able to exercise your dog, please do not get a dog. Also... exercise is essential for US. Humans need to exercise, as well - for physical and mental health.

So, when you walk your dog - you are getting exercise, your dog is getting exercise, you are both getting the mental stimulation of the world around you as you walk - sights, sounds, smells, working together.

Give it a whirl.

Walking your dog is a win win!


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The content on this website is based on personal experience and researched information. Please note no one here is a professional vet, trainer, or behaviorist. Always consult your vet and trainer about what is best for your dog or cat and their mental & physical health!

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