DLB Treat 'Splosions!

A party in a dog's kennel!
November 8, 2023
Big Ideas
Stephanie M. Casey

What is a Dallas Love Bugs Treat 'Splosion? A party in a dog's kennel!

I thought of this idea while volunteering at the shelter. The shelter dogs are quite bored in their kennels and my personal dog loves hunting for hidden treats at home so I got the idea to toss the shelter-kenneled dogs a handful of high value treats so they scatter about their kennel space.

This engages their hunting sniff work instincts while they enjoy a small handful of goodies.

A Treat 'Splosion is a combination of big and small varietal, high-value dog treats often including:

  • SMALL SIZE soft training treats
  • MEDIUM SIZE differently-flavored soft & crunchy treats
  • LARGE SIZE peanut butter cookie bone
  • LONGER-LASTING CHEW STICK either a bully stick or other

I mix up the types of treats in the 'Splosions.

The dogs are delighted to receive a Treat 'Splosion - generally wagging passionately the whole time they root around their kennel for their treats. Many visit me at their kennel door a few times to share their joy (via a few kisses) then go back to hunting for more treats.

The Treat 'Splosion fun breaks up their mundane day to give the dog unexpected fun and yums. Not to mention providing some decent nutrients, a boost to their immune system, and the calming treat helps take the shelter stress edge off to give them some relaxation (and maybe a nice nap, post-treat hunt!).

Check out a bunch of Treat 'Splosions via DLB Instagram Hashtag #DLBTreatSplosion

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