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Adoption and Foster


Fleshed out details and foster resources, coming soon!

Image by Lucrezia Carnelos

So you adopted a dog...


Me... at the beginning of July 2019:


As I stood in line to finish the paperwork for my shelter rescue at Dallas Animal Services, I felt the sweats...

Is this right?!

Should I bail?!

How do I take care of a dog??!!!


Then,the first few weeks... me, googling:

"Is it normal for a dog to..."

"Should my dog be..."

"Why is my dog..."

...sleepless nights often does she need to go out to the bathroom can I get her comfy to hop in the car

...what and how much should she eat?!

So, I figure a "So, you've adopted a dog!" guide may be helpful to others starting their dog (or cat!) adoption journey.


(promise I will get to this one day!)

  1. Crating

  2. Leash Training

  3. Exercise (for your dog but bonus, you too!)

  4. Schedule & Habits

  5. Sleeping at night (the dog, and you!)

  6. Commands

  7. Off Limits Areas of a space / house

  8. Patience (your dog will learn!)

  9. Introducing new pet to other household pets

  10. Shoe, etc chewing

  11. Eating poop

  12. Energy Levels

  13. Riding in the car

  14. Harness VS Leash

  15. How often to "take a break" aka potty

  16. Poisonous Foods

  17. Toys & Treats

  18. Heartworm & Flea Prevention

  19. Barking Issues

  20. Bathing / Keeping your dog clean

  21. Dog Park Fun!

  22. Learning to play

  23. Trust & love 

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